Sourcing Outlook 2020

Sourcing Outlook 2020

Thursday, 8 October 2020 at 08:00

Hotel Birger Jarl, Birger Jarlsgatan 61A, Stockholm

Welcome to Sourcing Outlook 2020!

A one day, in-depth overview over sourcing and procurement strategies, operations and governance. Taking place in Stockholm on October 8th 2020

In your registration confirmation you get the Theme Discussion and Focused Theme Discussions password, link via the conference website front page. You can swap sessions until they are fully booked or until a few days prior to the comference.

Investment levels:
Until August 7th: (Practitioners invest) 2 990 sek
Until September 7th: 3 990 sek
Until September 21st: 4 990 sek
After that 6 990 sek

Consultants/system providers invest 10 950 sek (contact EBG)

If you faulty register as a practitioner but are a consultant, a change fee of 1000 sek will be charged. If you are unsure - contact us!

How about COVID-19?
In October 2020, EBG offer participants and speakers to choose to take part in our summits in person as usual in Stockholm or online. In both cases you will be enabled to take part in all sessions as intended. You can decide at a later stage too – registration is made as usual.  EBG follow the recommendations from authorities regarding Covid-19. EBG need your support and we ensure we support you. Learn more via the Terms & Conditions


Don't hesitate to ask us any type questions contact Lars via or phone +46 73 3500343 or via phone +46 73 5819302

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Booking type Price Quantity Price / Quantity

Best Price Pass Swedish Attendees (25% VAT)

2990.00 SEK

excluding tax 25%
Swedish corporates pay 25% VAT

Best Price Pass EU and Non EU (0% VAT)

2990.00 SEK

For EU and Non EU members - there is not VAT added to your tickets according to (dnr 131 209264316/111).

Consultant/System provider ticket

10950.00 SEK

excluding tax 25%
Consultant/system provider delegate pass (Swedish VAT) (i.e you are not a practitioner employed by a practitioner company) - this is your ticket! Limited seats

Consultant/System Provider ticket

10950.00 SEK

Consultant/system provider delegate pass (EU or non EU no VAT added) (i.e you are not a practitioner employed by a practitioner company) - this is your ticket! Limited seats