Source 2 Pay Summit 2021

Thursday, 6 May 2021 at 09:00


Welcome to Source 2 Pay Summit 2021!

We will focus on operational excellence with proven strategic effect. Since we ask your peers what to discuss the content stays real!

A unique one day, in-depth overview over sourcing, procurement and finance strategies, operations and governance. Available to you in a safe and high quality way.


Practitioner Investment Level:

3 990 sek until March 6th

4 990 sek after that

In the investment you get access to the online platform, can choose what Theme Discussions to join based on Your interests (limited seats), keynote recordings and access to your discussion groups after the summit

Consultants/system providers invest 10 950 sek (contact EBG or register below - limited seats and EBG may decline a registration).

If you are the least unsure what ticket to choose - contact EBG.

Consultants/Service Providers cannot pre-choose Theme Discussions.

Learn more via the Terms & Conditions

EBG have secured a tool enabling also the pre-chosen, limited seats, by moderator led Theme Discussions! Limited seats - registration is made as usual.


Don't hesitate to ask us any type questions contact Lars via lars@ebgnetwork.com or phone +46 73 3500343 or anna@ebgnetwork.com via phone +46 73 5819302

EBG invoice with 20 days payment terms

Organizer is EBG | Network | Nacka Strand | Stockholm | Sweden

Bokningstyp Price Quantity Price / Quantity

3990.00 SEK

For EU and Non EU members - there is not VAT added to your tickets according to (dnr 131 209264316/111).

3990.00 SEK

excluding tax 25%
Swedish corporates 25% VAT added