Soul Reading - Karma Clearing

Soul Reading - Karma Clearing

In Akashic Library through Zoom link

Imagine that you are completely aligned with your Divine souls blueprint!

What would your life look like if you actually had full access to your full Divine Life Force?

How would it feel like and what experiences would you then choose in your life?

The Divine source is the origin of all life and all creations. It has unlimited potential and it is manifested in a unique, individual expression in each and every one of us. We all have free will. Somehow the free will might be "clouded" through the choices you have made previous in this life- or other lives. These choices and experiences are stored in the memory of your soul.

So your soul is experienced through you and the choices you make and have made. You also express your soul through creativity and your creations. You are "a Spiritual Being having a Human experience".

The vital life force enables all creation and thus also life itself. In addition to keeping us alive, the vital life force is the fuel for the experiences we want.

If life force is in any way limited, your choices, and yes your whole life is automatically limited. The more life force you have access to - the greater is of course your ability to create your human experience.You are truly the creator in your life - with the ability to create life the way you want it.

This Soul Reading clears the soul's stored blockages and karma. It aligns you with your soul's origin and also it´s highest purpose. It is a very powerful Karma Clearing - that give you access to more vital Life Force. Then you can create new choices and new possibilities - a whole new life. This reading aligns you who you are at a soul level!

How does this work?

With your approval, I enter your Akashic library. It is like "google for all your soul's stored experiences in past lives". The reading aims to gather information from your soul. I.e from past negative choices you have made that still affects you and your life even today. The gathered information is given as feedback back to you. We also prepare for a "Karma Clearing" in your Akacia library - which you activate yourself.

What do you get?

  • Insights and understanding of previous lifetimes and how they still affect your choices and your life today.
  • Tools to clear your karma.
  • Alignment to your souls purpose.
  • Access to more vital Life Force.

To do your reading, I need your approval, your security number/birth certificate number, your full name you had at birth and your current names. The location of your birth is also needed.

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555.00 EUR