Opt-in before 21st of May

It’s time for another exciting network tournament with a prize pool of €50,000!

The Network tournaments held earlier on in 2021 was a massive success for many of you and it's finally time for another one. Don't miss out and make sure to boost your GGR this summer!

The rules are simple, no micromanagement and there's a lot of room for personalisation to make this tournament fit your brands.

These tournaments will only be available for customers who have migrated to the Quickspin Platform.

We've learnt a lot from your feedback and running network tournaments the past year and have improved the structure and optimized it to avoid abuse and increase engagement even further. We added some new games, as well as improved the payment structure to make it easier for you!


The Network Tournament will run from the 21st of June until the 27th of June 2021.

Booking type Quantity Price / Quantity