Nourishing Womanhood 26-27/1 - 19

Nourishing Womanhood 26-27/1 - 19

Saturday, 26 January 2019 at 10:00

Plain Yoga, Stopvägen 52, Bromma

Nourishing Womanhood - discover yourself anew as a woman 

What does it mean to be a women nowadays? We are lost between expectations of society, partners and our own’s. We are inviting you for a weekend inspirational workshop to discover yourself from a new perspective and deeply nourish. 

Women nowadays, especially living in cities, are burnt out, dried up, tired and looking for something outside to fix it. It is a sad picture of broken sisterhood, a lost ally connection with other women. We need each other to be witnessed and supported.

You will be offered fresh teachings and practices to find inner alignment with your core. We will help you to identify what are possible causes of your problems and how you can proceed towards fulfilled relationship, happy intimate life and living from your core.

How to find balance between duties and passion?

How to find flow within daily responsibilities?

How to nourish yourself as a woman and find your inner source?

How to enrich love life?

What is conscious relating?

How to tap into abundant sexual flow?

It will be a tailored workshop to the group of women that will show up to find their real self and their unfulfilled deep needs.

What will happen?

We will be sitting in a circle with other women to open our minds, hearts and bodies together to new information and transmissions of womanhood. It will be a balance of sharing, lecture and embodied practices. It is a clothes on workshop, with no nudity or intimate touch. 

Facilitator, Estera Saraswati

About Estera:

Estera Saraswati teaches temple and tantric arts. She is also a skillful sexual healer and priestess. Personally she practices Vajrayana path, Tibetan tantric buddhism. She is a mother of two young boys, giving home lotus birth to in a non-assisted way that were great initiations into feminine mystery and body wisdom.

Estera’s passion is to empower people to step into their heart path full of gifts and unfold potential that can serve greater benefit and create a better reality for all. She is great in shadow stocking within individuals and groups, denied or suppressed parts, to transform them into golden resources. She supports process of self-liberation from conditioning and taboos to step into space of true freedom that comes from recognizing our nature as luminous space.

She invests her energy into bringing back sacred living, based on non violence and respectful attunement into more subtle manifestations of life.

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Nourishing Womanhood

Nourishing Womanhood, 2 days workshop for women. OBS! Workshop is in English. Payment with swish to 073-6938449 Ullis Karlsson

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