Into the eye of the storm

Into the eye of the storm

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Into the eye of the storm - a tranformational 3 months program

There is always some sort of a storm going on around us, in the outer reality. There can be a confict in a relationship or at work, you might lose your job/your health, get a disease, be involved in a divorce, someone close to you dies, or you can be concerned about climat changes or whatever. Right now it is the Corona virus that spreads around the globe and causes a lot of worries and fears. The world is on pause, holding its breath, shivering with fear waiting for this storm to pass.

What you will get and learn

  • Insights of the importance of your breathing.
  • Breathing techinques and exercises to optimize your life.
  • Meditation techniques to inner stillness.
  • Learn how to identify and move through your resistance/blockages.
  • How to increase your consciousness.
  • Individual tools for your bodytime (dosha) that enables you to navigate through Life.

From this program you will get and learn tools and techniques which you can use in any situation even after the Corona pandemi.

How does this program work

In this program you will be guided into the eye of the storm where there always will be stillness.  In the eye of the storm it is always peaceful. 

This three months program is tailormade based on your needs and wants. We start this program with a 2 hour individual Yogic consultation. Here we together find out your gifts and your challenges viewed from a holistic Yogic perspective. You then get 1 exercise or assignment per week that you will explore at home. You will also be continously guided through 7 hours individual coaching in total. In the end of the program you will have a final coaching session where you will see and evaluate the changes in your Life. I am with you every step of the way, making sure that you will get the tools and the insights you need to stay within the eye of the storm!

Warmly Welcome Into the eye of the storm that will change your Life forever!


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1497.00 USD

3 months individual program