DAIR Data & Analytics Asset Management and Stewardship

DAIR Data & Analytics Asset Management and Stewardship

Friday, 27 September 2019 at 08:15

Hyperight Data Club, Tegnergatan 14, Stockholm

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Limited to 35 Participants, this master class is an introductory course helping you to get an understanding and kick-start your journey to managing data and algorithms as a strategic asset. Creating clarity and demystifying what you need to execute on when you put your AI/ML Use case in production.
Regardless of your maturity or use case at hand this course will give you a sound working approach to attack the most important data/algorithm governance epics, features and user stories in the smartest way. In order to be in sync with your use case life cycle from idea to full scale production.

This course is intended for managers or experts with responsibility to operationalize Data and Analytics asset management, Data Governance and Stewardship on a digital platform or in relation to putting Data pipelines and AI/ML models in full scale production

For more info : www.data2020summit.com

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Bokningstyp Price Quantity Price / Quantity

Full Day Master Class

8500.00 SEK

Included in the package: Full Day Master Class, food and refreshments, documentation pack and roundtables.
Price is not applicable for Solution Providers/Consultants or Recruitment agencies.