2:47 AM - The Journey Home to My Heart

2:47 AM - The Journey Home to My Heart

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2:47 AM - Auto Biography by and with Ullis Karlsson

I breathe in total panic. I am gulping for air. I can´t seem to get any air at all. It feels like I am going to die...2:47 AM...the red digital numbers light up my eyes

Where am I?

2:47 - The Journey Home to My Heart is an autobiography describing a deep inner transformational journey from pain and utter despair, to enlightenment. A new Life guided by the Heart.

From a very vulnerable space, Ullis Karlsson, invites the reader to share her remarkable journey. An 11 year - long transformation from feeling suicidal to becoming a highly regarded spiritual teacher sharing her message across the globe.

"My sexual and spiritual awakening has been a deeply profound experience on my healing journey towards the full retrieval of myself. A new imprint has been created on every facet of my human and spiritual Being - and a whole new existence has emerged. It has enabled my soul to realign with my life purpose. it has completed The Journey Home to My Heart."


Words from readers:

"Ullis. I read your book. It is honest, deep, and I think so important. As an HSP and an empath I travelled with you the whole story. I thought of you and I felt so much for you. Most of all, I feel so happy for you today, And I am also proud of you for being so brave and sharing your story. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you." – Susanna Jussila


"2:47 - The Journey Home to My Heart is an autobiography depicting the story of a life in transformation. It is not only a journey with a soulful perspective, but also a hardcore one.

When Ullis Karlsson shares her story, she is not avoiding pieces that are "less tasteful" or not appropriate. She shares it all. It is a raw, truthful and authentic story about the highs and lows in a human being´s journey, and it is recognizable to anyone who has travelled through life with days of doubts. 

I believe that every single person that reads this book will at least have a couple of deep realizations, moments of recognition with an inner "yes, me too" coming forward. I am also convinced that some will receive flashes of insight that will change their own journey, moving forward. It could be getting in contact with pieces of ourselves that we are not so willing to acknowledge, or even admit that we have. 

Ullis Karlsson´s journey is deeply personal, and it is a journey of a conscious human being who, in the moments of great despair, on the edge of committing suicide, instead decides that she is going to dive deep into herself, confront her fears and unravel the mysteries of life.

2.47 - The Journey Home to My Heart is both a novel and a book of poetry. It is inspiring and it is challenging. It´s exhilarating, and it even makes you nauseated at times. But it´s always with a sense of respect and honor. If you are open or have just a tiny opening into your inner space, your consciousness will be tickled, and your heart will be shaken ever so gently. If you are a reader open to change, interested in personal development, and curious about the sexual perspective of transformation, I highly recommend reading this book as it leaves you with a strengthen inner knowing. We are all guided by something larger than ourselves. Choose hope. Choose Love. Say yes to living life to the fullest as a human being. It involves every aspect, light and dark, but if you meet everything from within, it will let you live life with an inner flow. If you are worried about how... just take Ullis Karlsson´s words as a reassurance that everything will be fine: Relax. Release. Receive." – Kicki Pallin





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